Weight Loss Exercise Tips For Endomorph Body Type

By Daniel Clay

Body types are characteristically classified in different categories of which the endomorphic type is quite common. This type of body is characterized by its smoothness and round features; accumulated body fat especially in the lower parts of the body namely thighs, buttocks, hips and lower abdomen. People with endomorphic traits have a slow rate of metabolism and an inherent tendency to accumulate fat in and around the body. Owing to the slow metabolic rate of endomorphs, they lose weight slowly and find it difficult to stay lean once some extra weight is shed. They have to keep exercising , so that calories are burnt all the time and the scope of fat deposition is minimized.

For endomorphs, mere diet restriction would not produce the desired result. If weight loss is to be achieved, it is imperative that the body fat is burnt off directly from the fat cells through aerobic exercises. These exercises are not capable of burning fat as efficiently as the other vigorous exercises, so an endomorph body type is advised to work out on a regular basis.

To burn fat directly, aerobic exercise is the choice. During exercise, the heart rate increases. You have to set a target heart rate in consultation with your trainer and physician. Of the aerobic exercises, brisk walking, swimming and rowing are the standard ones. The effort that an individual can put into the exercise regimen varies from person to person. Some have more stamina than others.


Another type of exercise regimen comprises of doing push-ups, squat thrusts, and chin-ups. These exercises burn carbohydrates first. Since these exercises are done in a short time span, they do not help much in burning fat unless performed over a long duration. These exercises however, tone up the body and make the muscles firm. These exercises often termed as anaerobic exercises burn more calories in a given time than aerobic exercises. The difficulty with these exercises is that they may prove too strenuous to be sustained for long.

Weight training appears to be the best choice for achieving the twin objective of burning calories stored in carbohydrates and fat. If you can exercise with weights that are enough to burn mostly carbohydrates and tone up the muscles, then you will be benefitted in the long run. Furthermore, the process serves to increase the metabolism so that more fat can be burnt while at rest. The result is weight loss and a firmer body. You must employ a trainer to take lessons in weight training. It is only then that you can be assured of positive results.

Exercise may begin with squats, leg curls, bench press, pull down, and shoulder press, later on biceps and triceps exercises. There should be around twelve repetitions for each exercise and one has to exercise at least three days per week.

In conclusion it has to be mentioned that individuals with endomorphic body traits have to work very hard to shed weight. Their exercise regimen though not very vigorous has to be regular to achieve the weight loss goal.

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