Regain Control Of The Economy Then Usurp Education

Submitted by: Mike Breen

There are two names that patriotic Americans should fear, they are Cloward and Piven. In fact we should all have signs on our lawns and apartment doors that say Beware Cloward and Piven.

Who are Cloward and Piven?

Richard Andrew Cloward and his wife Frances Fox Piven the husband and wife sociologist team from Columbia in the 1960 s. Today Piven is an honorary chair for the Democratic Socialists of America. The Cloward-Piven Strategy , first proposed in 1966, seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

Cloward-Piven’s early promoters cited radical organizer Saul Alinsky as their inspiration. Today many of the advisors Obama has surrounded himself with are believers in the philosophy of Saul Alinsky, Cloward-Piven. How does that make you feel?

With this as a lens through which to view what is happening today in Washington D.C., the view becomes quite frightening.

It doesn t take a CPA to know that

Aggressive spending (trillions of dollars) is not the answer to a financial/deficit crisis

The way the stimulus funds were distributed would help some state budgets but would not create lasting jobs

That adding 30 million plus people to the medical insurance system without increasing the numbers of doctors and nurses will result in diminished care for all

So why did the democrats bury a government takeover of college loans in the health care bill?

The answer is two fold. First, some accounting gymnastics allow Obama and his team to show that the government will make some money from the interest on the loans. With this in the health care bill they can claim that the money helps off-set the cost of health care. The second reason, they did not want an open debate about the merits of the government takeover of education loans in the open congress, so bury it in a bill we know we will force down the throats of Americans.

The immediate side effect of this government expansion is the loss of over 30,000 jobs in the private banking arena (and I thought the focus was supposed to be on job creation). A counter argument being put forth is the current system is giving the banks a sweetheart deal and removing the middleman will make it more efficient. I ask you, Have you ever seen the government take something over and run it more efficiently, ever?

Now here is the really scary part. The government now mandates what your medical insurance coverage has to be or the power of IRS enforcers will be set loose on you and your family. Now what happens when the share-the-wealth crowd doesn t like the curriculum of a college that your kid is applying to and seeking a student loan to help with the costs? (what do you think in the over and under on the time it will take to see the government s control of college loans steering students to the right schools?).

The other provision in the bill says that students graduating from college will have more time and less stringent terms for paying the loan back, And, if a student gets a job that doesn t pay a lot part or all of the loan will be forgiven over time. What about all the money the government was going to make on the interest on the loans? This will surely contribute to applying pressure to an already damaged political and economic system further pushing toward collapse.

Can you just hear Cloward and Piven cheering?

We must return to the principles of the Founding Fathers and the US Constitution. We must be bold, passionate and unrelenting in voting for only those who will help us take our country back. And for heaven sakes use good old common sense and a calculator to test the truth of all future Obama proposed programs.

About the Author: A marketing consultant was moved from a political couch potato to a patriotic activist by the actions of the Obama Regime and started a company to help American patriots go face-to-face with their politicians. check out



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