How To Choose A Plastic Surgeon

Submitted by: Debbi Lawrence

Choosing a plastic surgeon is the most important part of the plastic surgery procedure.

Here are some tips and recommendations on how to examine the issue before making the decision about the plastic surgery:

* Before you have the plastic surgery gather information and learn about the type of the plastic surgery you want to have. There is a lot of information online and brochures you can get from medical clinics. Read information about different methods that can serve the same plastic surgery purpose. A high standard website can answer many questions before you make your decision.

* Talk to other patients that went thought the same plastic surgery procedure. Enter plastic surgery forums on the internet, read and ask questions and answers. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to other people that had the plastic surgery you are interested in.

* Discuss your attentions with your friend or any other people you trust. They may ask questions you didn’t think about.


* look at “Before and After” pictures of plastic surgeries, you can find them online or in surgery clinics.

* Suit the plastic surgery to your hobbies and life style. If you are a dancer or you workout, an oversized breast might not be suitable to your life style.

* Recommendations are very important. Try to get recommendations about the plastic surgeon, from doctors, nurses, patients, people you know and might have heard about the plastic surgeon, and more.

* Trust your instincts. Sometimes a bad feeling about something or someone has a good reason. if the doctor doesn’t give you all the information or dosen’t refers to any complications be ware.

* Consultation should last about 20-30 minutes and the doctor should answer all your questions. Some doctors don’t charge for the consultation, which doesn’t reflect their abilities. Don’t be tempted to choose a doctor just because the consultation price is deducted from the operation fee.

* Before you have the plastic surgery procedure Make a list of your prescribed medications to inform your doctor, because after the procedure you might need to avoid certain medications.

* For the plastic surgeon to get the whole picture as you want it, come to the consultation with a written list of questions, your prescribed medications, pictures of what you don’t want to look like after the surgery, and if it’s a breast enlargement procedure, get a bra that will indicate what you want to look like after the surgery.

* Pay attention and verify that the doctor answers your questions with honesty and openness. That he describes the treatment completely, including all the healing process and complications that might occur. This conversation will match expectations between doctor and patient and would minimize the chances for surprises and lack of satisfaction.

* Make sure the medical facility where the plastic surgery operation will be taken place at, has a good reputation and go by the law. It is important to make sure that the medical facility equipped with the newest technology, and take safety percussions.

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