How Do I Know If My Child Is Ready For Modeling?

Has your child show interest in modeling? If so, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before you start heading out to casting calls and looking for a reputable kids modeling agency to represent your child. Does My Child Have “The Look”?Art directors and producers often seek a certain “look” for each campaign or commercial. They might seek a girl with blond hair for one advertisement, and boy with black hair for another advertisement. A child who has a perfect look for a particular toy advertisement might not have the right look for a clothing advertisement.Regardless of how you define your child’s look – beautiful, cute, or unique – it’s unlikely he’s going to have the right look for every modeling job. This doesn’t mean your child isn’t suited for modeling, but it does mean he’s probably going to be more suited for certain jobs than he is for others. Fortunately, an experienced kids modeling agent will tell you about casting calls for modeling jobs your child is right for.Is My Child’s Personality Suited for Modeling?Child models have to deal with many people, so if your child has an outgoing personality and doesn’t often shy away from people, he might be well suited for modeling.When you consider your child’s personality, also consider his usual disposition and behavior. Think of sets for photo shoots and commercials as places of business. There are numerous professionals on each set and each professional is trying to do a particular job. Will your child work well in that kind of environment? Will your child’s usual behavior disrupt progress? Or will your child’s personality, disposition, and behavior lend themselves to smoothly and efficiently completing the job?Does My Child Have Any Special Talents?While not every casting call will call for a child with a particular talent, some casting calls might. If your child has a special talent, it can help give him a leg up on the competition. Of course, your child’s modeling agent will be aware of any talents your child has and will tell you about any casting calls that call for that talent!How Much Time Can We Devote to My Child’s Modeling Career?The more time you and your child can devote to his modeling career, the higher his chances of getting jobs. Think about your child’s daily schedule. Is he in pre-school? Elementary school? Does he participate in after-school activities?Also think about your daily schedule. Do you work, and if so, what are your usual hours? Do you have other children, and if so, do you have a spouse, family member, or friend who can take care of them while you’re away at casting calls and photo shoots?Of course, you must remember that your child needs time to be a kid, too! As you’re thinking about the amount of time you’ll both have to dedicate to his modeling career (including preparing for and attending casting calls and photo shoots), make sure you’re thinking about how much time it all leaves him to enjoy his childhood.

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