5 Ways Plastic Surgery Can Turn Back The Clock And Erase The Years

Submitted by: Abigail Aaronson

Plastic surgery is a modern miracle. It can truly turn back the years and make you look and feel young again. It’s not exactly magic, but modern techniques in plastic surgery are amazing. Here are five ways you can turn back the years with plastic surgery.

1. Tummy Tuck. One of the most popular procedures in plastic surgery, the tummy tuck gets rid of one of the most unpopular signs of aging-the pot belly! You can’t escape it, that spare tire appears at 30 and dogs you for the rest of your life. No longer can you walk around shirtless (or bikini’d in the case of women) with confidence.

Abdominal fat is nearly impossible to get rid of through diet and exercise, and that’s why we turn to cosmetic surgery. Tummy tuck gets rid of the excess tissue and rearranges things a little so that you can have that flat belly again.

2. Eye lift. You can tell a lot by looking somebody in the eyes… especially how old they are! The eyes are a dead giveaway. By your early thirties, your eyes get puffy and make you look tired all the time. This is because excess tissue builds up above and below the eyes.


A good way to take years off your face is to get an eye lift. This is a fairly simple procedure where the doctor makes tiny incisions (don’t worry, you’re asleep while this happens) and removes tissue from around the eyes. The result is a younger, more refreshed look.

3. Botox. While we’re working on the face, let’s get rid of those nasty wrinkles, crow’s feet and other sure signs of aging that show up on your face. Crow’s feet are the little lines that appear at the edges of your eyes when you smile, making you look like somebody’s grandma or grandpa.

Botox is not a medical procedure. It is a virus that is injected into the face… don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe. The tissue in the skin reacts to the virus by relaxing and straightening out. Wrinkles are caused by stress, and Botox gets your skin relaxed. Because it’s non-surgical and highly effective, Botox is the most sought-after cosmetic surgery procedure for the face.

4. Forehead Lift. Another spot that makes you look older is the forehead. Wrinkles appear over time, tissue droops, and you get a look like you are always frowning. This can contribute also to making you look tired and old.

Unlike a face lift, the forehead lift is a simple procedure that targets one area of the face to rejuvenate and make you look younger. Small incisions are made and the tissue is rearranged, with excess tissue being removed. The result is a younger look and no more frowning.

5. Breast Work. Breasts sag over the years, and there’s no stopping it. Tissue builds up, gravity takes its toll, and soon you have massive boobs hanging from your chest. You can have the firm breasts of your youth by one of two ways – breast augmentation or breast reduction.

Implants are popular for breast augmentation, as well as the “breast lift.” Some women (and men!) have the opposite problem-their breasts are too big! Reducing your breasts can also make you look and feel young again, and for men, get rid of the embarrassing man-boobs.

…And there are many more. These 5 plastic surgery solutions may be right for you, or there may be something else your plastic surgeon can do for you. You don’t have to live with your aging body anymore; get the work done, and you can look and feel young again!

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