Steps To Take When Looking For A Caravan

By Ben Greenwood

If you’re looking forward to holidaying on the move this summer, you may be considering buying a caravan. Caravans make a great choice for holidays where you want to set up camp for at least a few days and spend your time touring the area by car. They also make holidaying inexpensive, but add a few home comforts that are less available when camping in a tent. Compared to a camper van, they make day trips around the local area easier and can be more spacious and homely. Here are some steps to take when looking for the caravan to suit your needs.

Consider the size and type of caravan

Your first decision is to decide upon the size and type of caravan. Larger caravans offer more spacious and luxurious living quarters, with well equipped kitchens, large berths and generously sized dining areas.

However larger caravans will also be more difficult to tow and manoeuvre and you will need a larger car. Check the maximum towing weight of your car before you decide upon a caravan. Caravans must be no wider than 2.3 metres if being towed by a regular car.


Look at different layouts of caravan on the internet to help you decide which model best suits your needs and circumstances. Read reviews by forum users for useful information and any problems that may arise.

Research your caravan before you buy

Once you have an idea of the type of caravan you want, you can look at caravans for sale. Forums can again be a good place to learn about reputable dealers of used caravans. Going through a dealer ensures an extra level of protection if there are any problems.

If the caravan is manufactured after 1992 you can get a CRiS (HPI) check which confirms the caravan’s identity, checks if the caravan is reported as stolen, written off or on finance, and also checks the seller’s credentials. The 17 digit VIN number will be on the chassis or windows. The address of the seller should match the registration document just as for a used car. Since 1997 new caravans have also been electronically tagged.

If buying a new or used caravan, check that it has an NCC Approved badge which is confirmation that it complies or complied when manufactured with UK health and safety standards, regulations and Codes of Practice for the industry. Foreign caravans may not have this badge and may not adhere to UK health and safety standards.

Check the caravan before you buy

If you are buying a used caravan, check the exterior and interior thoroughly. Important things to look out for are signs of damp, security of doors and windows, condition of chassis and handbrake, and the gas and electrical system.

Put some money aside for extras

You will probably want to spend a bit extra on making your caravan homely and comfortable. Optional extras could include anything from an awning or barbeque to a new TV or air conditioner unit. Other extras to help with moving your caravan and enhancing its security include caravan motor movers and phantom tracking devices.

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